hi im Dave
i didnt start adding trigger warnings to things until a few months ago. so im letting you know that a lot of my earlier posts could be potentially triggering (this also includes epilepsy warnings)
-working class
-occasionally triggered by existing (ptsd and dissociation but at least i can get therapy for it)
-nonbinary afab. use male pronouns or any nonbinary ones so i can figure out which ones im comfortable with.
-i will answer 101 questions on cissexism if they are respectful (and arent about transmisogyny)
- i have synesthesia its mainly sound-> colour and i have a lot of colour feels i talk about them on my blog

i like cats like the rest of the internet so we can relate over that

****ALSO for the ppl who follow me or want to follow me; if you have any triggers send me an ask and ill remember to add a tw to stuff that is potentially triggering for you <3

26th February 2012

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let’s play a fun game called “how many fucks does riley give about the new disney movie, Brave?”


  1. Zero
  2. Less than zero, it looks like Rapunzelx2
  3. Disney felt they really did get their PoC quota in with Tiana, didn’t they?

 but she is a strong female lead and also a princess and white

look they even made her a ginger no longer are gingers discriminated against

  1. prettythingsandtriflings said: Merida or whatever her name is will prob be able to tame the bear with her white woman tears.
  2. masteradept said: I like the animation and maybe the message about female/ women self-empowerment but dammit she should be a WoC IMO.